Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wearing: Goodwill dress & coat, Topshop tee, H&M beanie and necklaces, Kohls tights, Topshop socks, Converse shoes that I studded, Brandy Melville rings.

Still freezing cold & snowing here in Cinci. I can't wait to be back in LA weather but I wish I could take my family with me. Anywho .. I'm in cinci for another week so I'm cramming in as much fun with my family and friends as I possibly can before I leave. Yesterday I went shooting at a gun range for the first time with my cousins and tonight I'm going fast track go-karting , pretty awesome 24 hours and start to the new year if you ask me. Also , big thanks to all of you for supporting Carried Away through its first year! You're all awesome :)

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

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  1. LOVE this look Carrie! The snowy backdrop is the perfect compliment.

    Emily Jenny

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