Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Fall

Wearing: Vintage fur coat, Goodwill sweater, H&M boyfriend jeans, H&M hat, Diba booties.

A blizzard hit cinci yesterday! And I had planned on doing a blog post sooo I stuck to my plan , I was just a bit colder than expected. Today I'm headed out shopping with my cousins. Hoping to score some after Christmas deals. Hope you're all having a fabulous holiday!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Holiday on Instagram

Quick little recap of my holidays here in Cincinnati so far! I'm here for 2 more weeks so enjoying the time with my family & friends here and sticking it out through the cold and snow. I miss my LA weather but I've missed my Ohio people! Planning on heading out into the snow for an outfit post this week - but for now check out more of my holiday break on my instagram account! @carriezaeh

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blue Shower

Wearing: Vintage Jacket, Goodwill sweater, Forever 21 skirt, LF socks, Steve Madden heels, Forever 21 necklace.

Yes. I am standing in a pool shower. But hey, I thought the blue tiles were cool. Its been chilly and cloudy here in LA lately, totally not what I'm used to so layers have been a must. I'm really ready for Christmas break, this quarter has been stressful to say the least! I head home to Ohio in just 16 days and I'll be there for a month. Dreading the ice cold weather that awaits me but I am beyond excited to spend time with my family and friends. It's much needed. Hope you all are staying warm!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

Purple & Stone

Wearing: INDIGENOUS poncho c/o INDIGENOUS, DIY'ed Gap Jeans, Gap hat, Dolce Vita heels c/o Rue La La, Wildfox tee c/o Wildfox.

Hellloooooo! I'm finally back for good. I've gotten ahead on my final projects as this quarter comes to a close so I'll be making time for more regular posts. I've missed blogging the past weeks. Any who .. this poncho I'm wearing .. AMAAAAZING right?! And it's organic clothing. So cozy, I never want to take it off. I am officially obsessed with anything and everything INDIGENOUS. They offered me some choices between three of their top pieces and after cozying up in this poncho, I clearly made the right choice. Big thank you to them! Go check out more of their stuff HERE and get this exact poncho HERE.

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

Lazy Grunge Day

Wearing: Crossroads top, Jetrag mens denim made into oversized shorts, Wanted boots, Urban Outfitters glasses.

These shorts are the most comfortable things on the planet. Even though I look like a boy wearing them , they're awesome. I got this top a few months back super cheap because the studs were falling off , way too easy to sew back on though so of course I had to get it. I start school again tomorrow .. crazy how fast fall break went .. but this means just 1 more quarter until I get to spend a month in Ohio with my fam & friends and only 3 more quarters until I graduate .. CRAZY. I'm starting to feel old. I'm spending today on the couch reading a book to enjoy my last day of break , have a good Tuesday ya'll!

Xoxo for now , Carrie.

Floral Prints

Wearing: MUDD jeans (get them HERE) , Brandy Melville tank, Nastygal hat, Steve Madden shoes, cluster of Kohl's & Urban Outfitters jewelry.

I'm baaaaaack! Sorry I've been seriously slacking. I had finals for school & then was enjoying some me time during the first week of break since I never get to do that. And during that time .. yes .. I got bangs! Big change. But back to blogging .. it's good to be back at it. I'm obsessed with these new jeans my mom surprised me with by MUDD from Kohl's. I love the colors on the black background. And I especially love them with my favorite black and white stripe tee, but to dress them up a bit I paired them with this halter tank. It's been HOT here in LA the past week, I'm hoping for a little more fall weather soon even though that seems doubtful. Enjoy your weeks.

A little gift for you all! Kohl's has given me & my readers 10% off online from now until December 29th. All you have to do is enter the code TENBLOG at checkout. Enjoy! Go get some Christmas shopping done early!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.


Wearing: Boots c/o Wanted Shoes , Vintage Dress borrowed from my roommate , Body chain c/o Lady Marshmallow 

Last night was my first time celebrating FNO & I had a blast! So much amazing street style I couldn't even handle it. These boots were perfect for walking around all night. I never want to take them off! If you aren't familiar w Wanted Shoes be sure to check them out immediately! And this body chain .. hellooooo amazingness right? I love it .. be sure to check out Lady Marshmallow for some awesome finds too! Other than that , it's Friday .. finally .. enjoy your weekends!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.


Wearing: Skirt c/o Glamorous , Topshop cropped tee , Steve Madden heels.

As you can see I was having a little too much fun twirling around in my skirt. I'm obsessed with it , Glamorous gifted it to me for MAGIC and I never want to take it off. The slits make it unlike any other skirt I own. These pics are from the other day , I had to do a few outfit pics in one day because with finals coming up I knew I'd be busy. Hope you all have a fabulous labor day weekend!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

Acid Wash

Wearing: Vintage denim jacket, Forever 21 dress, American Apparel shorts, American Apparel bralette, Steve Madden heels, Forever 21 necklace.

One of my favorite things about downtown LA is the wall art .. its everywhere. And it's perfect for some quick pictures.

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

Child's Play

Wearing: Vintage Overalls, H&M bralette, Converse sneakers, H&M hat.

Seriously obsessed with these overalls I got for a dollar at Jet Rag a few months back, even though 95% of the people in my life have tried to make me throw them out. I just can't bring myself to do it. They're way too comfy to throw on for a day. Paired with my converse I feel like a kid again.

Xoxo for now, Carrie.