Thursday, March 28, 2013

Worth Wearing

Wearing: Indigenous tassel scarf, Gap tee.

You all may remember that amazing purple poncho I wore a few months back .. this awesome tassel scarf is the same brand! It's been HOT here in LA lately, which is awesome, but a little warm for scarves so I opted for some pictures inside of an old hotel. My mom & cousin have been in town all week and the hotel we're staying at is super cool so why not shoot some pics there right? This Artisan Made, Organic Fashion scarf is definitely a must have for when cold weather hits next.

Also, I got a new tattoo with my mom & cousin this week. The anchor above on my finger. It stands for family unity, faith, and hope. I love it!

Xoxo for now, Carrie. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


Wearing: Backless tee c/o Borrowed Closet, Vintage jeans, Converse sneakers, LA hat.

So you all read about Borrowed Closet & how amazing it is in my last post, and if you didn't, GO READ IT NOW because you're missing out! Below is a little explanation of how it works if you're not familiar. This backless tee is one of the amazing items they have listed for you to borrow & it feels like heaven. Seriously. It's the softest shirt I've ever put on my body. And perfect for a lazy day like I wore it above. Hope you all go check them out HERE & happy shopping!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.