Saturday, July 27, 2013

Desert Bliss

I'm back! Finally, it's been way too long. I've missed the photo-shoots in 90 degree weather, changing outfits in the car in deserted streets, and writing what ever I'm thinking on here in hopes that someone maybe finds it interesting. Crazy .. but yes I love it all. So the other day I went out to the desert with my roommate to shoot some outfits. It was definitely 100 degrees and looked kind of like the scene from a scary movie but we got some awesome pictures so it was all worth it, sunburn and all. And no kidnapping scares! I learned from Shaun (this awesome guy from Cincinnati) that apparently people get kidnapped from the desert all the time in LA? Glad I learned this after the fact. 
I promise I'm back for good now though so more posts will be up this week. For now, enjoy this one!

Xoxo for now, Carrie.

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